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Wine Made From Pure Honey!

Recognized consistently at national and international wine competitions, Earle Estates wines have received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals as well as several Fruit and Mead championships and best of class awards.

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The Other White Wine!

At Earle Estates Meadery, part of CK Cellars Winery, mead is the main attraction. Many variations of the ancient beverage are available, and customers can even check out the busy Honeybee observation hive.

"Honey – Mother Nature’s Nectar – The oldest Fermented Beverage"

A uniquely different taste than grape wine, it can be dry, semi-sweet or sweet and is found to be refreshing and with the light aroma of honey. For over 25 years, since 1993, the family owned Earle Estates Meadery has offered Mead in many varieties and blends. Its unique nature makes it the perfect blending wine to expand its flavor and taste throughout our production of over 20 labels by blending our unique honey wine with fruit wine

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A New State Law

While the smallest segment of the craft manufacturing industry, mead is also the fastest growing,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on his website. “ “A 2017 industry report compiled by the American Mead Makers Association found that the number of meaderies in the U.S. increased from just 30 in 2003 to 300 in early 2016. In addition to strengthening New York's thriving craft beverage sector, the creation of a farm meadery license will also further support honey production in New York.

New York is the number one producer of honey in the Northeast, and by increasing opportunities for farms to produce mead, our thriving craft beverage manufacturing sector will continue to grow," Cuomo said. "The creation of the farm meadery license will help strengthen these two great New York industries, and further add to our tourism economy, fueling growth in every corner of this great state.

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